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Over the years, we have been well aware of the pulse of the screen printing industry and accumulated considerable knowledge and experience. From the past pure agent sales, technical consultation, whole plant design to today's various networks, printing factory investment, consumables and peripheral equipment research and development, We have produced a variety of high-quality equipment and products, which have been well received by customers.

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    leyu乐鱼网页登录/UV series inks are suitable for printing on ABS, rigid PVC, PC, PS, PMMA materials, especially suitable for various word key characters. (such as computer, phone, calculator, keyboard, mouse, etc.).

  • Tension polyester meshTension polyester mesh

    Silk Matt high tension polyester mesh, high strength, low elongation, accurate printing precision control, stable time-dependent changes, and good adhesion with emulsion. Applications: Membrane switches, electronic circuit boards, light guides, liquid crystals, advertising, packaging, signs, meters, can also be used for textile dot printing, glass, ceramics and other printing.

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    The company adheres to the spirit of excellence and the pursuit of excellence, and welcomes customers to a better future with a more positive attitude.

       ShenZehn Varmia Technology Co.,Ltd.Abbreviation(Varmia)Established in June 2006, it was founded as a high-start, high-quality, high-efficiency printing consumables supplier. With the development of the screen printing industry, the company has grown steadily and contributed to China's overall economic development.
       In order to meet the higher precision requirements of our customers and to challenge higher technologies, we have carefully planned a clean room, set up a CAD/CAM center, a screen/plate making room, a laser cutting room and a laboratory; and invested in SMD and electroforming. Manufacture of the edition. It is connected to the customer via data transmission line, edited and corrected by computer, and then output high-precision film and glass mask with new……More

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